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Peasants With Feathers

Hello this is Peasants With Feathers... I am the oldest living terradactyl on Planet URF.... Id like to Invite you PS14 on March 28th. The address is 28 NE 14th St Miami, FL 33132

This is the phone number 305-358-3600 incase you don't roll with sophistication like me. Some of the artist that will be playing this evening come from far away places. Some of the artist that are playing INSIDE: Richard Devine,Mochipet,Otto von Schirach and Mr.Feathers,Alpha 606,Dino Felipe,Jose el Rey,Skymall,Debbie D,Palm Trees,El Topo vs. Line Noise vs. Obed / / / / / OUTSIDE: BMG of Ectomorph,Phoenecia,Gosub Eya,Salim Rafiq,Takeshi Muto,Jeswa,Emerson vs. Joel the Hutt vs. Paradox............  
Otto Von Schirach and Mr.Feathers         The Miami Zoo Flyer       Dino Felipe     Emerson Breastmilk and Teressa Love                    Otto Von Schirach  " IDM does a body good campaign "     To all other without a photo up i appologize too many people not enough time..

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